Was about to climb in bed when I realized today is the final day of @Whitneymuseum in its current location. They stayed open all night, so I hopped on the train and watched a lot of drunk people stumbling round the galleries at 3 am. Love this city. Love art. #Koons #koonsathon #selfie #art More later when I wake up. #aspworldtour @asp #surfing (at Whitney Museum of American Art)

Las Vegas. October 2104. © Nate Abbott

Another old shot while I’m digging through shots for a new website.

Simon Dumont cork 900 blunt. Mammoth Mountain, CA. Summer halfpipe up top on the mountain.

Old ski shots while working on new website.

Peter Olenick flatspin Japan off the wallride. Squaw Valley, CA 2009. 

JP Auclair. Haines, AK. 2006.

Rest in peace, JP and Andreas. You meant so much to my career and my life in skiing and away from it.


Amy Davidson on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s retirement dissent:

"Do Democrats want to make sure that a President of their party is in office when Ginsburg leaves the Court? Then win the next election; battle it out, rather than fretting and sighing about how an older woman doesn’t know when it’s time to go.”

Photograph by Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post via Getty

Tyler Hamlet and Johnny Decesare of Poor Boyz Productions. Shot for Freeskier Magazine October 2014. On newsstands now, with a lil’ silly story I wrote as well. 

These guys have made my career, and it is an honor to write about them and make a portrait of them before the launch of the 20th PBP movie. Check out the trailer for “Twenty” HERE.

Karl Fostvedt, Detroit, MI. 180 Cuban grab. This and a couple other photos were awarded 2013 Best Action photography by APA. Shot for Freeskier Magazine, published October 2013. 


You should join APA for the advocacy and support for photographic artists, but just the discounts and benefits (discount on Apple products, what?) make it a break even investment at worst. 

I went on a trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina with Joss Christensen last winter. Joss won the Olympic gold medal for slopestyle skiing in Sochi, Russia a few weeks before our trip to Bosnia. I wanted to contrast his experience there with the history of Sarajevo in the 30 years since their Olympic games. 

We lit the torch at this podium from the Olympic ski jumping venue. We blew up a van transmission. We were told Utah is worse than Bosnia. Joss was bit by a stray dog. We ate pizza and drank beer for $3. We laughed, we guaced out, we moved snow, we shot photos. It was kind of great. I can’t wait to go back.

The whole feature story is in the October issue of Freeskier Magazine and I’d love for you to read more about this trip that opened my eyes to the depth and importance of the history of the people of Sarajevo. Oh yeah, there’s a bunch of rad skiing too.

Skier: Joss Christensen

Trick: Blunt flip (backflip grabbing the tail of the ski)

Location: Malo Polje / Igman Olympic ski jump venue

720 high mute in Alaska. Go to http://instagram.com/p/s0AtvgP9zT/ and vote for Joe Schuster @joe_schuster cause he is video star. (Comment with “#Schuster #RealSki xgames​”.

720 high mute in Alaska. Go to http://instagram.com/p/s0AtvgP9zT/ and vote for Joe Schuster @joe_schuster cause he is video star. (Comment with “#Schuster #RealSki xgames.

Long Beach, NY. 8-28-2014. Hurricane Cristobal swell.